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Senior Summer Safety Kits

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- With these high temperatures we all need to be keeping an eye on our elderly family members and neighbors because they are extremely susceptible to the heat.

Sharla Lunday, with Visiting Angels, said, "They don't sometimes realize how hot it is even inside their own homes."

For Oklahoma seniors staying cool is especially important. Lunday has put together a kit to help seniors, like 92-year-old Gene Martin, stay cool.

She said, "Some of the things that are helpful to have in a summer kit are a reusable water bottle, sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more."

Also, inside the kit, a misting water bottle, a special cooling towel and an ID bracelet. The kits are something we can all put together with a trip to any drug store.

Martin said, "We're being taken care of here."

Lunday says it's also a good idea to have them put their cell phones in the kit along with information about their medications and preferred doctors.

Ask them to keep the bag with them in the car or when they are outside just in case they get a little over heated.

Lunday says seniors often don't realize how susceptible they are to the heat which is why checking on them regularly is so important.

She said, "Some of the things we look for is what is their thermostat set on? How often are they actually going outside? Are they staying for long amounts of time are they drinking plenty of fluids?"

Experts say often seniors don't consider themselves elderly, which puts them at greater risk for heat related issues.

If you're a senior and your house is a little too warm over the next couple of days consider getting out and going somewhere cool.

One option is to catch a movie. The Starplex theaters at North Park Mall and near Crossroads Mall are offering free showings to seniors in the afternoon to help them stay cool.