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Teen, who overdosed, gives warning

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LUTHER, Okla. -- His story was tragic. 15-year-old Danny Held of Luther overdosed on synthetic drugs in the spring. Luther Policeman, Michael Oliver got the emergency help Danny needed and stayed with him until family could take over. 

Danny's mom, Latricia Woodard, nominated Oliver for our Pay It 4ward program in May. She said Oliver went above and beyond for her son.

"He stayed in the hospital with my son," Woodward says.

It was a  life or death situation,  but now it's a story of hope.

Danny is on the mend,  but will never forget what he smoked that day.  He says it was a mix of K2, meth, and bath salts.

"The bath salts are a hallucinogen and and the K2 is like a smoke potpourri. It was like the hardest high I have ever had," Held explains.

A high that went to an all time low.

"I was hearing things.  I was seeing things. I was getting really hot and jittery and they were pumping my chest at the Luther town hall," Held says.

Now this teen wants to reach out to others his age.

"You don't want to mess up your family or your life up.  You don't want to end up in the hospital for the rest of your life," Held explains.

Danny hopes to go back to school this fall. He knows it's going to be tough.

Danny says, "I want to graduate school and make some new friends."

His mom says his body is better - but he now suffers from Psychotic Schizophrenia.

"He was having a mental breakdown from the chemicals imbalanced in his brain. From the K2 and bath salts," Latricia Woodard says.

This teen's bad decision,  that led to his decision to help others.

"I'm one of the lucky ones. I'm a survivor.  I'm very lucky to be alive right now."