Blind man robbed by friends

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma City man with a kind heart says he was robbed by a woman and her boyfriend, whom he was trying to help get back on their feet. After opening up his home to them, Thomas Long felt like it was time for them to leave.

He says they understood and left on good terms, but now he thinks they're responsible for stealing valuables from him right under his nose.

Early Tuesday morning, Long let his friend's boyfriend take his keys to get a billfold he said he left in Long's car. He came back in, said he left the keys on the keyring and Long didn't think anything of it.

"I looked up there and I was like where'd those keys go? There weren't any keys there,” said Long. “That's when I was like oh no. I went outside and the car was gone."

A few hours later neighbors came to his door to let him know there was something unusual going on with his shed out back.

Long said, "They were like... 'Tommy did you know your shed doors are wide open?' I was like what!"

Along with his car, someone got away with Long's four wheeler, generator, blower, and weed eater. He says he has a good idea of who it might be.

He said his friend's boyfriend came inside that morning, talked to him and thanked him again for his hospitality. He then got a call and had to leave abruptly.

Long said, "I guess while he was in here consoling me he had buddies out there."

Long trusted this woman and her boyfriend. He says they gave him no reason to believe they would do something like this to him.

"They didn't have any place to go,” said Long. “They were homeless, displaced."

He says this actually happens to him often, but this has been his biggest loss. He's losing his eyesight and feels the people he's inviting into his life are taking advantage of that.

"My son, he jumped on my butt and, said Dad when are you going to learn. You keep helping these people out,” said Long. “You're big hearted and you're helping people out and you keep getting things stolen, and ripped off and taken advantage of.

Police are still looking for the suspects, but Long did say he wanted whoever did this to know that if they just brought his belongings back he would drop the charges.

Anyone with more information is encouraged to call Crimestoppers.

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