OKC man falsely accused of murder is released from jail

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma City man may have been falsely accused of murder. Two weeks ago a clerk was found shot to death inside a convenience store at NW 63rd and Broadway.

62-year-old clerk Habib Hajimirzaei was found by a customer shot dead on the floor. On Thursday police confirmed the man they arrested for the killing, Michael Devereaux, has been released from jail.

The former suspect tearfully defended himself and says the murder arrest turned his life upside down.

"I'm sorry for everything that happened. I'm really for the police that arrested me, because they shouldn't have arrested me," said Devereaux.

Devereaux spent one week behind bars accused of the killing.

"I was more angry than anything, but there wasn't anything I could do about it because they're the law," said Devereaux.

Devereaux's arrest came after police released two surveillance pictures of a suspect and an anonymous tip led them to Devereaux. His family always doubted police had the right guy.

"I knew he wasn't guilty.  They had nothing on him from the start," said Devereaux's mother Schurray Grant.

Devereaux's mother prays the person who really killed Hajimirzaei, known by customers as Mr. Nice Guy, is eventually caught.

"I'm really sorry about them losing a loved one, but my child is not a monster," said Grant.

"It's just hard. I'm supposed to just walk around like nothing happened," said Devereaux.  "It's just crazy."

The victim's family issued a statement that read in part the family "has complete faith in the police department" catching the killer.

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