Oklahoma pork operations battling deadly virus

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Hog farms in Oklahoma and several other states are battling to contain a deadly virus. It is not a danger to humans in any way, but it's almost 100 percent fatal to piglets.

The scary part is how quickly the virus has spread.

The first report of it in the United States was just this past April and already almost 100 hog operations in our state have been affected, along with pork operations in fifteen other states.

It's called "Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus" of PEDV.

Right now the search is on to find ways to stop its spread and maybe come up with a vaccine.

Roy Lee Lindsey OK Pork Council joins us in the KFOR Studios. He is executive director of the Oklahoma Pork Council.

He says the virus does not typically also affect older animals.

Pork producers are already dealing with high feed prices and this virus is devastating. Some operations have seen hundreds of piglets die.

We should emphasize for consumers that it won't hurt human health, but it may affect pork prices.

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