Does a tiny independent nation really exist within the borders of Nevada?

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DAYTON, Nev. - If you enter the Republic of Molossia in Dayton, Nevada, be prepared to put up with the whims of a finicky dictator.

"Spinach and onions are banned in Molossia because we just don't like them," said Kevin Baugh, who calls himself "His Excellency, President of the Independent Republic of Molossia."

His "nation," which is entirely surrounded by the state of Nevada, also bans walruses, light bulbs and imports of anything from Texas except recordings made by singer Kelly Clarkson.

At the Molossia customs office, "chief constable" Alexis Baugh, daughter of the president, will go through your luggage and handbags, looking for contraband. If you're clean, you're allowed entry and His Excellency will stamp your passport, just as they do in all the other countries around the globe.

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