UPDATE: Flood waters sweep away father during OKC flooding

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Rushing water from overnight flash flooding sweeps a father trying to rescue his family away.

Authorities said 60-year-old Vincent Brown was trying to help his wife and daughter stuck in the flooding near 118th St. and Barnes.

The man was trying to get his family out of the car when the rushing water swept him away.

Police later found his body nearly six blocks away near N.W. 124th St. and Penn. Ave.

"Vincent Brown had actually been contacted by his daughter who was in the area of N.W. 118th St. and Barnes," OKC Police Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow said. "Apparently she had become stranded there in that location and then contacted her father for help."

They waded towards his car while he tried to save their car.

Family members said they turned their back for just a few seconds and he was gone.

"When he got out there obviously the waters were rising,” Wardlow said. “He tried to wade off into the water and ultimately was swept away and killed."

Police said he was carried away in the draining system and they found him six blocks away near 124th St. and Penn. Ave.

Brown's granddaughter, Destiney Garrett, said she was on the phone with her mother when their car stalled in the water but once she heard her grandfather was taking care of them she thought everything was going to be OK.

“She was like, 'We`re stuck in the water. Vincent`s on his way don`t worry about us,'” Garrett said. “I’m like, OK. She called back, 'We can’t find Vincent! He was here now he's not here!'"

Loved ones still can't believe what happened.

Garrett knew her grandfather was headed to pick up her mother and grandmother but never imagined she would get another phone call.

"She called and was like bawling in tears she was like they found his body,” Garrett said. “I was like, 'What do you mean they found his body?' She was like, 'They found his body. He's not here no more.'"

Even hearing the news on the phone, Destiney said she still didn't believe it and she wasn't the only family member in shock.

"My grandma was by the ambulance, fainted because she was like, 'Where's my husband,” Garrett said. “I need to see him right now. Where`s he at? Tell me he`s alright and then they told her and she fainted."

Physically, her grandmother is now OK but grieving along with the rest of their family.

Garrett said, "He was a good person. He was always helping somebody, just a good man all around."

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