Lighting storm sends surge to one business

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With the recent heavy rain came a lot of lightning and that lightning made sparks at multiple homes and businesses.

It also sent a surge of new customers to one business owner.

Brock Bishop owns Counterstrike Lightning Protection.

He said his phone has been ringing off the hook with people wanting his service.

His company installs a system that stops the electrical waves in their tracks.

He showed us how he installs the system up on the roof.

"We set the markers on your roof and pull this cable through, then we hook the cable into the base," Bishop said. "Within every 20 feet we put the air terminal and then every three feet connect the cable to the ridge and the hip boards."

Bishop said not all structures hit by lightning actually catch fire, often times the electrical appliances are just fried.

It is important to note, while many are calling for installation, some experts question whether lightning rods work or if they draw lighting toward your home or business.

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