New OKC sidewalk construction-MAPS 3

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OKLAHOMA CITY-Improving the quality of life in Oklahoma City through MAPS 3 is making progress.

The first alignment of the sidewalks is well underway in north OKC.

MAPS 3, a 10-year, multi-million dollar project focuses on a new downtown public park, convention center and more pedestrian friendly walkways throughout Oklahoma City.

"Maybe if we had more sidewalks in town, people would be more amped to walk around, ride bicycles," said Dellantonia.

Montana Dellantonia works at Chevy's Garage on Western, right near one of the new sidewalk projects.

Across from his shop, he see school kids get dropped off by the bus in an unkempt grassy area, then watches them dodge traffic to cross the street.

"They run over here and have to walk through gravel and mud puddles," said Dellantonia.

Once a city built for cars is now working to be a city built for the people.

A new sidewalk will run on Western from Britton to Hefner.

"We're putting miles and miles of new sidewalks in with MAPS 3," said Cornett.

Mayor Mick Cornett said MAPS 3 is correcting the lack of sidewalks put in decades ago, and is working towards a more active and easy accessible way of life.

"If you want people to get out and enjoy their neighborhoods or if you want a kid to walk to school, they kind of need a sidewalk to get there," said Cornett.

Not only does Dellantonia feel the sidewalks are beneficial for school kids, it will help the disabled population get around too.

"Having a sidewalk with a ramp that you can go up for an elderly person or some person who is handicapped, it's a big bonus," said Dellantonia.
A bonus that will help improve the quality of life in Oklahoma City.

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