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OKLAHOMA CITY -- There was a large crowd in downtown Oklahoma City Tuesday. More than 2,000 people from across the country gathered to check out the latest options in casino gaming.

When it comes to casinos there is a lot of money, which calls for high levels of security. It's just one of the topics gaming officials from across the country focused on at the convention.

Sean Crain, with Orion Security, said, "The security is a very big concern because there's a large amount of money that changes hands."

"Security is paramount in the casino industry. We want to make sure our patrons are safe and their funds are safe," said Sheila Morago, the executive director of the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association. "There's operators constantly watching the employees, watching the patrons and then watching those that handle the cash."

Tuesday, a large crowd gathered at the Cox Convention Center to check out the latest in gaming equipment and other commodities found at a casino. The event was hosted by the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association.

Morago said, "You'll find not only the obligatory slot machines, but you'll find carpet and chairs and surveillance and security equipment and counting machines."

Security was a big topic for those in attendance, specifically focusing on how to catch casino cheats.

Morago said, "Our surveillance people are up in the sky, so they rely heavily on experience and watching people in how they're moving through a crowd."

Stopping cheaters is one reason for high tech equipment.

Crain said, "You hear of things like slide of hand tricks where they learn to move really fast, faster than the actual camera can catch. Now, the technology has come to such high frame rates which enables us to catch real time action with high resolution."

Making it where a potential cheater is caught before ruining everyone's fun.

Morago said, "It puts our gaming funds at risk and if you have someone cheating it's no fun for anyone."

The conference also focused on other issues like keeping gangs and human trafficking issues out of casinos.

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