Geese caught up in accidental oil spill on the Oklahoma River

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma animal rescue officers are searching for three Canadian geese that may be covered in oil tonight. Those geese wound up in the middle of an oil spill after lightning struck a tanker during last night's storms.

Animal control officers rescued one of four geese covered in that oil, but three are missing.

An afternoon at the Oklahoma City Animal shelter isn't fun for most animals let alone a Canadian goose.

"As you can see, there is still a little bit of oil residue, petroleum residue on his wings," says Wendy Pearson with the OKC Animal Shelter.

Animal control officers rescued the goose covered in oil.

After a spill that happened when lightning struck a tanker at a business near the Oklahoma River Monday night.

Greg Lindsay, with the OKC Fire Department says, "The biggest problem for us is an environmental one that has leaked into a creek that is running back behind a creek here behind 15th street."

Meanwhile the rescued goose needed several baths at the animal shelter and he's still not clean.

Wendy Pearson says, "We were able to get most of the residue off with of course Dawn soap."

Pearson says when the goose came to the shelter; he was covered in oil and could not fly.

She says oil is also a hazard for geese because it can seep into their bodies through their skin.

This "rescued" goose will now head to Wild Care in Noble where they'll wash him again. Wendy calls it the full spa treatment, but she's still worried.

Pearson says, "I'm worried about any of the fish and the fowl that use that water."

Hazmat crews and the department of environmental quality are still working on that cleanup.

They did tell us crews were able to separate the oil from the saltwater so it can be refined and used again.

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