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Oklahoma Neighbors feud over horses

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HENRYETTA, Okla. -- A Henryetta man, who says he let a friend borrow his horses, later finds out he's sold them. The horses were worth thousands of dollars, but he says it's not about the money. He just wants his beloved pets back.

Joe Wainscott went out of town and let his friend borrow the horses to help him do work around his yard. When he came back his friend told them they had run away. He then got word that they were cashed in.

"I called him and I said let's go find them horses,” says Wainscott. “He said oh they're still there. He said I'll meet you down there. We were supposed to all meet down there and he never showed up."

Wainscott says his friend has been dodging him ever since he found out his horses had been shipped off while he was out of town.

He thought he had basically been robbed, but when he talked to authorities they told him there wasn't much they could do since Wainscott gave his friend his permission to use them. His only option is to sue his friend for what the horses are worth.

"I have to file a civil suit and that ain't right,” says Wainscott. “That's out right stealing."

Wainscott thinks if he were to win that civil suit his friend would owe him over $10,000.

Wainscott says, "Money don't mean nothing to me. I want my horses."

We called Wainscott's friend and talked to his wife. She had a different story.

She says, "They're still there. They got through the fence and we cannot find them and he came out and rode the tractors with us to try and find them."

She claims Wainscott wanted to sell his own horses because he needed the money.

She says, "He had my husband take them to the slaugther. He did and he knew about it and we halved the money with him."

Wainscott insists he loved those horses and would have never sold them.

"I would really like to have my horses back because I did raise them,” says Wainscott. “They were like kids.”

The Okfuskee County Sheriff's office told us that deputies have been in touch with Wainscott about the issue.

The man the horses were sold to confirmed he bought them. He also said that just days after they were sold, Wainscott came by looking for his horses but he had no idea they were his.

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