Man faces charges for forced haircut on teen

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EDMOND, Okla. - The Oklahoma County District Attorney is working to prosecute an 18-year-old who police say attacked a child near a creek.

Walking past the creek that sits near N.E. 2nd St. and Coltrane Rd. in Edmond, it seems peaceful. The occasional child rides past on a bike, but it wasn't so serene on June 12.

That's the day police say Malacai Martinez held a 14-year-old boy down in a bear hug position while another boy held a knife to the victim's head.

Police won't release the name of the child with the knife because he is not an adult, but police say he used the weapon to cut off a portion of the victim's hair.

"It makes me scared," said Kimberly Peterson. "My heart is just racing thinking about it."

Peterson lives near the creek and says she sees teens walk down to the water in the evening hours. However, those familiar with the creek like Daniel Dorety, say it's not safe.

"It's kind of a barren place," said Dorety. "Not much to do back there... a bunch of cliffs."

This isn't the first time police say Martinez has threatened someone in this barren place. According to the police report, the 18-year-old threatened to cut off a girl's swim suit with the same knife used to cut the first victim's hair.

"I have a nine-year-old. So it's disconcerting to me to know that people are back behind my house," said Peterson.

She says her only relief comes from knowing police are now aware of what's happening by the water.

Martinez faces one charge of assault with a dangerous weapon.
Malacai James-Rudolph Martinez

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