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Safety tips if you’re caught in flooding waters

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OKLAHOMA CITY - With much of the state under flood watch, there are more risks on the road. Just last week, one man lost his life after being swept away by rushing water when he was trying to save his family.

During last week's storm, Oklahoma City Fire crews responded to 27 high water rescue situations.

"You have to be very calm because you know someone’s panicked on the other side," said Battalion Chief Brian Stanaland with Oklahoma City Fire.

In a recent case, a woman was trapped in her car that was surrounded by flood water in Northwest OKC.

Dispatchers asked the woman if she could get out of the car safely and the woman replied yes, but she would have to swim.

If you're in a car that starts filling up with water, officials suggest unlocking the doors and rolling down the windows, which makes it easier to get out of the vehicle.

"We've had situations when people would get up on the roof and wait for us to arrive," said Stanaland.

If your windows lock up, think about carrying a hammer or window punch in your vehicle to help you in these situations.

"You could turn around and kick towards a window from inside," said Stanaland.

The best advice officials can give is to stay home during bad weather conditions, however if you are on the roadway when the storm rolls through there are risks to be aware of.

"Drive to areas that you know are a little higher ground maybe a parking lot that's up high and wait the storm out. Don't go into low lying areas," said Stanaland.

Precautions that will help keep you safe on the road.

"We got crews heading that way right away," said dispatcher.

For a list of the most flood prone intersections across the metro, visit or see a map we have posted on

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