“Duck Dynasty” for… President?

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Reality TV star to U.S. Congressman?

Some Republicans are calling for "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson to put his patriotism where his mouth is and head to Capitol Hill.

A&E's show follows the family behind the hunting companies Duck Commander and Buck Commander.

Willie, the CEO, and the rest of the crew kick off their fourth season Wednesday night.

But some are calling for another kind of kick off.

According to the Washington Examiner, a few Republicans are urging Robertson to run for an open congressional seat in his native Louisiana.

Willie does seem to have wide appeal beyond the bearded brigade.

The show is one of the most watched on cable.

He wouldn't be the first to make the jump from the TV world to the corridors of power in Washington.

Enough California voters, "I got you, babe," to Sonny Bono to send him to the house.

Minnesotans liked Saturday Night Live star Al Franken so much he ended up in the senate.

The self-proclaimed "Redneck Millionaire" has a resume that could shine in GOP politics.

- He helped build his company to a multi-million dollar empire
- He is an active supporter of gun rights
- He often speaks about his Christian faith

The beard might even help him, a possible nod to James Garfield.