Live: Lincoln Co. officials discuss two teens arrested in connection to alleged murder plot

Invaders tie woman up, rob home

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.- New developments involving a home invasion near S.E. 71st in Oklahoma City. Police say two men broke into a home and held a woman at gunpoint, while robbing her.

The family was too shaken to go on camera but did describe the terrifying break in and how a simple cell phone possibly saved a life. Neighbors watched as police searched for the suspects through the neighborhood with dogs.

"I'm still shaken up walking here," said Jessica Maxwell.

A feeling shared by the homeowner. He says two men kicked through the front door in the middle of the day. The invaders tied his aunt's hands and put a towel over her head while they robbed the house.

"It's scary for some people because they don't know why was it them," said Victor Hernandez. "They weren't expecting it."

The homeowner wasn't expecting it either. He says he came home because he forgot his cell phone. He walked in to see one of the men pointing a gun at him.

"He saw the gun and he went back out the door because he was threatened also," said Lt. Jeff Lathan.

When he ran to call police, the thieves ran.

"He didn't confront them, and that's a good thing to do," said Lt. Lathan. "It's never a good idea for a citizen to confront an armed person like that. It's best just to get out of the way."

With two schools just blocks away, police had to make sure the children were safe. Maxwell's three children were on lockdown at Hayes Elementary.

"I'm just afraid they'll go into the school and try to take kids hostage," said Maxwell.

The schools were released after police searched the area. As for the homeowner, he's left wondering, what if he didn't come back for his phone.

Police say if you know anything about this home invasion, call them immediately.