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Man injured in fall from fraternity house

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NORMAN, Okla. -- Members of the University of Oklahoma’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity cheered on the sororities as they celebrated their "bid" day from their house next door standing from balconies and walls, when one student fell face forward onto the sidewalk.

OU student Desmond Harris says, "He was up there and he fell off somehow which I don't understand but something had to have been going on up there which I'm not too sure about but it couldn't have been safe."

The young man is okay and his fall wasn't too severe, but onlookers were so scared of his injuries they called 911.

It sounds like a bad way to start the year but some students think prospective members won't care.

"Sadly enough a lot of people will be like oh they party hard,” says Harris. “So they'll probably try to go for that fraternity."

Students say that alcohol was involved yesterday afternoon. The fraternity's house is on the university's dry campus so they will be investigating the incident further.

In a statement from the university they say, "We continue to look into the matter to determine the facts and OU does not tolerate any unsafe conduct."

Kala Marsh moved her son into the freshman dorms today and hearing yesterday's news has her nervous leaving him on his own.

"I have three boys and mistakes can happen they could make some accidents,” says Marsh. “You just hope they make wise choices, both in drinking and what they do after they drink."

Both of Norman's Police and Fire departments are gearing up for the school year and parties to begin.

Norman’s Deputy Fire Chief Jim Bailey says, "When they're climbing up on walls or fences or high areas like that you almost get a mob mentality sometimes you just have to be careful."

Tom Easley with Norman Police says, "When you are at the University, make good decisions. If you're of age then fine indulge in alcohol, but do it responsibly."

Sigma Alpha Epsilon's President insists this is only a small incident and says the fraternity is just waiting for all of this to blow over.

The man who fell was not a member of that fraternity.