Metro family in over head with flooding issues

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waterOKLAHOMA CITY - The recent rainfall is causing huge problems for one metro family.

They said after each storm their backyard floods so bad you could float a boat out there.

"It washes up into the garage, fills the cellar and floods out the car that's in there," Kathryn Kolarik said.

Kolarik said she believes a ditch by the railroad tracks behind their house is to blame.

Trash and brush is so thick it plugs the drains.

The property on the other side of the train tracks is also overgrown and filled with debris, adding to the drainage problem.

"I want it to be able to look like it did when I was a kid," Kolarik said. "All this was cleaned out and it looked nice."

trash can

News Channel 4 called the city, who transferred us to the Corporation Commission.

They said they believe that section of land is the responsibility of the railroad and they are going to contact the appropriate people and give Kathryn Kolarik a call to clean up that area.

We'll keep you updated.
Water Level on their car Water Level on their car[/caption]