Pay it 4Ward: Dressmakers and pilots

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EDMOND, Okla. -- Tonight's Pay it 4Ward recipient is a pilot who delivers handmade "pillowcase" dresses and dolls to beautiful children all over.

The organization is called "Dress a Girl Around the World." But, as you will see, they are giving much more than clothing.

Measuring, cutting and sewing; an Edmond living room doubles as a dress factory. Volunteers create 100's of garments and dolls.

“We dress them like we dress the little girls,” Sharie Wilkins with "Dress a Girl around the World” says. “These little girls say you know we're here and you care and I get to be the one to share that with them so, we are as blessed through the process as much as the children are.”

They are for forgotten children around the world.

Sharie Wilkins can't sew, but she can fly. Her career as a pilot has given this Good Samaritan the opportunity to deliver dresses and dignity around the globe.

Sharie rarely meets the children, until recently. It's usually against the rules of the orphanage.

Tana Stufflebean, who nominated Sharie, says, “She made an impression on the lady who said would you like to see the children? And she said yes. She let Sharie go in and every one of them was handicapped. It was miraculous. God leads us to all these things but we have to be obedient and Sharie is obedient to God.”

That's why Tana Stufflebean nominated Sharie for Spirit Bank's PIF.

“It's nice to meet you. I love hearing your story about Sharie. She is just as passionate as you and we are honored to give this money to her,” Amie Trautman of Spirit Bank says.

Sharie's twin sister, Teri, is in our secret. She choreographed a meeting at her house to lure Sharie into our surprise.

“We want to present this on behalf of Pay it 4ward. $400 to go to Dress a Girl Around the World,” Stufflebean says.

“Thank you, thank you. I'm a hugger. These girls have already seen me cry. I was showing them pictures,” Sharie says.

There is no doubt how Sharie will invest that money.

“$400 dollars is an enormous amount of money. It will be invested in children; invested in the dolls; its fabrics elastic, tape, sewing machines,” Sharie explains.

Sharie calls the dresses "heart changers." And her next trip is Thailand in September; to touch the hearts. Changing lives one child at a time.

If you'd like to learn more about the "Dress a Girl" ministry you can visit their website here.

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