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West Nile Confirmed in Oklahoma County

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OKLAHOMA COUNTY- The Oklahoma City-County Health Department confirms a case of the West Nile Virus.

Officials are urging you to take precautions against the mosquito-borne illness by avoiding mosquito bites and reducing where mosquitoes live and breed.

“One of the most effective measures people can take is looking around their homes to identify and get rid of any sources of standing, stagnant water where mosquito larvae can grow,” says OCCHD Public Health Protection Chief Phil Maytubby.

To reduce where mosquitoes live:

  • Prevent items such as buckets, cans, pool covers, flower pots, and tires from holding standing water
  • Empty and refill birdbaths and your pet’s outdoor water bowl daily.

Swimming pools and fishponds that have circulating water generally are not a problem.

Officials also recommend the four D’s:

  1. Dust to dawn-Mosquitoes carrying West Nile are most active during these hours, so if you must go outside always take precautions.
  2. Dress- Wear long sleeves with cuffs and long pants wherever mosquitoes are likely to be biting.
  3. DEET- Use an insect repellent containing DEET on any exposed skin.
  4. Drainage- Check regularly around your home for any water accumulation that could provide mosquito breeding grounds. For pools, hot tubs, or water features, OCCHD recommends that residents “cover, drain or maintain’ these water sources to eliminate mosquito habitats.

Oklahoma City and county residents may also report sources of stagnant water outside their own property. To file a complaint about mosquito habitats:  http://www.occhd.org/community/foodprotection/complaintform.

For additional information on West Nile Virus at www.occhd.org or the Oklahoma State Department of Health’s WNV website at http://go.usa.gov/wpz.