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Future drivers frustrated with DPS ‘In Line Online System’

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- It is not uncommon to wait for hours at Department of Public Safety locations around the state just to get a driver's license, but the department’s new system was supposed to help you avoid that wait.

Some Oklahomans are saying that's not the case. They're making online appointments and still waiting all day. With this new system you're basically getting in line online, like making a reservation.

People are still frustrated and waiting in line for hours because the scheduling system lets you make that appointment but doesn't tell you that driving tests and new licenses don't apply.

Isabel Archer is ready to get her driver's license for the first time and her friend Misha Mccollom is her mode of transportation until that happens. They thought this was going to be quick and easy.

They used the Department of Public Safety's new "In Line Online System" to schedule what they thought was a driving test. It turned out that appointment only got you to the counter.

Mccollum says, "When they told us the appointment that you made is just to make another appointment I was like what?"

A test examiner told them their best bet would be to get in line at four in the morning. They did just that this morning and had to line up behind people who had been there since midnight.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol says they are so shorthanded at the Yukon location that they could only complete eight tests today, so the eight people that showed up at midnight got to take their tests.

Archer says, "They only had eight spots open and I was two people behind that. Behind the eight spots."

Mccollum says, "We waited until 8:30 for her to be able to schedule for August the 28th, which is two weeks."

They both say if you can't use the new system to make an appointment for a driving test then what’s the point and State Trooper Betsy Randolph agrees.

Randolph says, "We get no enjoyment out of people having to spend their day waiting in line."

She says at some point it will speed things up, but for now this new program is going to have some glitches.

"It is going to be a simple process and it is going to speed the process up,” says Randolph. “We just ask for people to be patient with us as we work out all the bugs for the In Line Online program."

Patience is a hard thing to ask Archer and Mccollum for right now.

Mccollum says, "We just want to be able to get a driver`s license so we can go and get a job."

The Department of Public Safety website did say that you can make a reservation for a driver's test with "In Line Online," but they've since removed that until they get the kinks worked out.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol says test examiners shouldn't be telling you to start lining up at midnight. They do not want people camping out due to liability issues.