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Grandmother setting weightlifting records

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. - Sandra Foli isn't your typical 73-year-old. After a severe health scare several years ago she decided to head to the gym.

Now she's better than ever, feeling so strong that just a few months ago Sandra set a record in the 100 Percent Raw Powerlifting competition, a clean dead lift lift of 181.5 pounds.

"She went out there and put up some pretty serious weight for a woman of her age," says Chad Hobbs, Sandra's trainer.

"I see people one or two years older than I in a wheel chair and I don't ever want to be there," she says.

"Where so many people become sedentary later in life, she's doing something about it," Hobbs adds.

Sandra will be heading to another power lifting competition in October, where she will both dead lift and bench press.

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