Shooting in OKC leaves man in hospital

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A shooting on Oklahoma City's southwest side leaves one man in the hospital in critical condition. It happened at an apartment complex near S.W. 74th and May.

The victim was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. His hat left behind on the ground marked the spot where police found the man shot in the head.

Several neighbors heard the single shot. After those neighbors came outside to investigate, they found a man standing over the victim with a gun still in hand.

"This dude said my bro is dead and he took off with his car," said Beth Baldwin.

"My aunt stuck her head out and saw another black guy who said my bro got shot. He was holding a gun and ran and jumped into the car and left," said neighbor Ashley Robertson.

Friends and neighbors identified the victim as 25-year-old Suave Stacker, who went by the name Boogie. Witnesses say the man who fled the scene was the victim's best friend.

Unfortunately, no one saw who actually pulled the trigger and police can't say what led up to the shooting.

The victim does have a criminal history, that includes multiple convictions on drug related charges.

Apartment shooting map