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Tornado victim wants to return letterman jacket found in debris

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MOORE, Okla. - Albert Hollingshead is still trying to fix up his house after the May 20 tornado. His neighborhood sits right across from the Warren Theater and months later, there are still piles of debris lining his street.

Days after the twister though, he noticed a blue-and-white letterman jacket lying on top of debris in his backyard. Cleanup crews had tossed it there, intending to throw it away with the trash.

"When I went out there and saw that I said 'hmmm somebody might want this.'" Hollingshead said.

He took the jacket and hung it up in his house to dry. He's held onto it ever since, hoping to return it to the owner. He even had it dry-cleaned. "I had it cleaned because it was filthy the sleeves were all muddy."
Lost Jacket during storms1

The name on the jacket is "Chris" and the back says "Notus Pirates."

Hollingshead hopes he can return the jacket before school starts and be an encouragement to a fellow tornado victim.
Lost Jacket during storms-back2

"Sorry that it happened or whatever, but I feel that you should have it back if you really want it back." Hollingshead said.

Hollingshead did not want the number on the bottom righ side of the jacket to be shown. He wants whoever claims the jacket to be able to tell him that number to prove it belongs to them.