Rally takes place outside state Capitol in the ‘Baby Veronica’ adoption case

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Protesters rally at the state Capitol this morning in connection with the ‘Baby Veronica’ adoption case.

The group is showing support for the child’s biological father, Dusten Brown, and is upset in a court’s decision to not allow the Indian Child welfare Act to play a role in this case.

The adoptive parents, Matt and Melanie Capobianco are from South Carolina.

Baby Veronica lived with them for 27 months before South Carolina courts gave biological father, Dusten Brown, custody.

Soon after, the U.S Supreme Court ordered South Carolina to reconsider the case and state courts gave custody back to the adoptive parents, but Brown still has his biological daughter.

All parties were in two courtrooms last Friday but a judge put a gag order on the case so the results of those proceedings has not been made public.

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