Duncan Community Shares Outrage And Heartache

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DUNCAN, Okla. -- You might call Main street in Duncan, Oklahoma a slice of small town America.

"We're the kind of community where if somebody falls on the sidewalk, there are three people there to give them a hand up," says Pam Bruehl, owner of the Prairie Rose Boutique, right in the center of town.

Pam and the staff at Prairie Rose have been so upset by Chris Lane's murder that they hung red, white, and blue ribbons all up and down Main Street Wednesday. They say each one shows support for Chris Lane, his girlfriend Sarah, and the community.

Chris's murder has shaken many of the people who call Duncan home.

"Facebook has just gone crazy. That's all that is on Facebook," says Danny Moore, a clerk at Eclectic Echo, across the street from Prairie Rose.

Danny told KFOR he's horrified by the notoriety this crime gave his town.

"I love it here and I don't want to live anywhere else but Duncan. Hopefully this won't happen again. We've had too much violence here," said Danny.

His thoughts are shared by many.

"I get really angry, because that's not what Duncan is about, and that's not what I want our town known as... a place where all this violence is happening because that is not what Oklahoma is about. It's not what Duncan is about. It makes me sick," said Pam.

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