Pay it 4Ward: Wheelchair ramp donated by EMSA paramedic

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Tonight's nominee is someone who was featured on a recent news story here on NewsChannel 4. A viewer was so moved by what he saw during the report that he had to contact us.

Harrison Walter is an EMSA paramedic in Oklahoma City. On this day a couple of weeks ago he was reaching out to save a life again but in a different way. On a recent call he arrived at the home of Shariss Alexander Paul who had fallen out of her wheelchair and was injured.

He noticed there wasn’t a wheelchair ramp to her front door. So while caring for the elderly woman’s injury he asked her about the wheel chair ramp.

Medicaid wouldn't pay for it; nor would her landlord Shariss Paul explained.

So Harrison got some of his EMSA friends to donate money and he chipped in his own to buy the materials so he could build Shariss a wheelchair ramp. It was an act of paying it forward that overwhelmed the senior citizen with gratitude.

Channel 4 viewer Mike Avant saw that story and nominated the EMSA paramedic for our Pay It 4ward segment.

The good folks at EMSA set it up so mike thought he was being called off his route for a meeting with his boss.

"Hey Harrison, I’m Kevin Ogle from NewsChannel 4 and we have a program called Pay it 4ward," Kevin says to Harrison.

Harrison, like the other paramedics, are in the business of trying to save lives and what he did for Shariss was just in the line of duty he says.

So what's Harrison going to do with the $400 extra dollars? He says he’s going to keep paying forward.