Schools in Duncan on high alert following shooting and threats

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DUNCAN, Okla. -- In the wake of the tragic shooting in Duncan, schools in Duncan tightened security after someone made anonymous threats against the district. The Duncan school superintendent said the high school normally has a thousand kids. Only 300 attended Wednesday.

At the same time, many businesses in Duncan are rallying to the aid of the victim's family. At Don Jose's restaurant, 20 percent of each dollar will benefit the family of Christopher Lane.

"This is a time we need to stick together as a family and as a community," said store manager Tony Lopez.

Surveillance video from Don Jose's actually helped catch the three suspects a short time after the killing last week. Lane's murder has had a profound impact on the entire town.

"We're just wanting to show our condolences because this doesn't happen in Duncan," said Lopez.

In addition to the shooting, an anonymous threat against Duncan high school led to mostly empty parking lots. Parents not sure whether to send their kids to school.

"I wanted to make sure my kids were safe," said parent Paulina Harrin. "I didn't know whether to send them or keep them home."

Pauline, whose two kids attend Horace Mann Elementary in Duncan, sent her kids to class after a conversation with the principal.

"I just trusted the schools and trusted her to protect my kids," said Harrin.

The school superintendent says it will be business as usual at Duncan schools on Thursday. Any unexplained absences will not be excused.

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