Study: Cold cuts should cause concern

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Sandwiches are a pretty common meal for workers around lunch time but new research shows those cold cuts could actually cut your life short.

Experts say you should only have a handful of processed meat each day.

Dr. Irving Herling said, “A slice of bacon, half of a hot dog, a slice of ham.”

Any more processed meat increases your risk for heart disease, cancer and early death, according to a new study published in the Journal BMC Medicine.

Dr. Herling said, “In this study, the people who consumed the highest quantity of processed foods and processed meats also smoked and they drank excessively. They ate fewer vegetables and fruits.”

The study did not explain why the unhealthy behaviors are linked.

Experts say while the bad habits don’t help your health, processed meats are full of artery clogging fats and cancer-causing chemicals.

Experts suggest buying freshly ground sirloin instead of packaged ground beef, which may contain nitrates.

Also, ask how long steaks have been in the case.

If they have been sitting for more than two days, they have likely been sprinkled with preservatives.

However, the study says small amounts of red meat are healthy.