Putnam City teenager hit while getting off school bus, one in custody

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UPDATE: Police have arrested a 75-year-old suspect in the case.

Salvador Adelar Serna is being held on illegally passing a school bus, causing an injury accident without a license and not having a driver's license. The first two counts are felonies.

Police tell us they now believe the 16 year old does not have serious injuries even though he was knocked about 65 feet from the point of impact.

OKLAHOMA CITY- A teenager is recovering after being hit by a truck while getting off a school bus Wednesday afternoon.

Police were called to the area of N.W. 32nd St. and Meridian just after 4 p.m. on a report of an auto-pedestrian accident.

Authorities say the teenager was getting off the bus when a truck failed to stop for the bus stop sign.

The boy hit the truck and was thrown a few feet away.

Witnesses at the scene say the driver of the truck did not immediately stop but was chased by other kids on the bus until he pulled over.

The victim was transported to the hospital.

We're told he is a junior at Putnam City West High School.

Oklahoma City police say the driver of the truck did not have a valid U.S. driver's license.