Great State: Still Identical at 94

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NEWALLA, OKLAHOMA -- They're actual birthdays took place nearly a week before, but the Flippo brothers had some church friends who wanted to celebrate.

So on a Sunday afternoon, that's what they did.

"I like your hats," says a visitor. "Thank ye," they both say in unison.

Sam and Jack are wearing sequined propeller beanies with their names sewed on the front.

Sam's is blue Jack's is bright red.

This is their 94th birthday.

Jack hosted at his place in Newalla.

They have lunch together every week, these two.

The special bond between identical twins remains unbroken.

"That's just the way we feel about it," says Jack.

They grew up on a farm in northwest Arkansas.

They claim another set of twins in the area was much more famous for looking alike.

Sam says, "Roy and Coy Tucker. Boy, I couldn't tell them apart." "Me either," agrees Jack.

Both Flippo boys went to army basic training together.

Their uniforms caused predictable problems for superior officers.

"They couldn't tell us apart because our clothes were just alike," says Sam.

They both fought in Europe during WWII.

The Flippos made it home, though Jack spent six months in an army hospital.

Stateside, the both got jobs as mechanics.

Sam fixed cars. Jack worked on airplanes.

The years past but the tradition of regular get togethers endured.

"Does that special twin bond remain," asks a visitor?

"Uh huh," grunts Jack. "Sure is."

Family and friends were curious to know how the Flippo brothers stack up against the other long lived identical twins around the world.

They have some paperwork to fill out for potential status in the Guinness Book of Records.

Identical male twins are pretty rare among the longest lived ranks.

A quick internet search found the Duke brothers in Canada, who are 100 years old in August of 2013 but the entry doesn't indicate whether they're identical twins.

The same list of twins had the oldest pair still living at 103 in Florida.

Party goers playfully agreed that if they're not the oldest in Oklahoma, they're at least the oldest twins to wear propeller beanies to a birthday party.