In Your Corner: Thieves pose as utility workers

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Roy and Mary are still shaken up after their close call with three Hispanic men posing as utility workers.

“He was from OG&E and he needed to get into the backyard,” Mary said.

They were supposedly in the area cleaning up storm debris and trimming back tree limbs.

One of the men lured the elderly couple into their backyard, while his buddies sneaked inside the house through the front door.

They swiped jewelry and cash.

Mary caught one of them rifling through her prescription medication.

She said, “That's when I told him to leave, get out of my house, or I was going to call the police.”

Triad coordinator, Sheryl Presley, educates seniors on crime prevention.

“They might have had a weapon,” Presley. “They might have held them at gun point.”

We alerted OG&E about the incident.

“We're not going to come into your house,” OG&E spokesperson, Kathleen O’Shea, said. “We're not going to ask you come outside with us.”

OG&E workers will also carry around a badge and they’ll be in a big, marked, orange truck.

The culprits targeting Roy and Mary were behind the wheel of a white four door car.

Roy, a retired marine, has this message for the culprits.

“Let ‘em come back,” he said. “I'll be waiting for ‘em next time.”

Police are investigating.

The In Your Corner bottom line is this:

Never open the door without seeing proper ID first.

Always ask to see a badge even if the person is wearing a uniform.

If something seems off, shut the door, lock it and call the utility company for verification.

Oklahoma City Police offers crime prevention for seniors through its Triad program.

The coordinator for Oklahoma City's Triad program is Sheryl Presley. Sheryl can be reached at (405) 316-4336.