Man claims bad tattoo artist caused “green stuff” to come out of his arm

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A man could be facing some serious health problems, all because of a bad tattoo he said he got last week. Alex Johnson and his wife Amie went to Southside Tattoo on August 17 to get tattooed together.

Alex claimed when the artist went to work, he smelled alcohol on his breath and the entire process was extremely painful.

“It was brutal. It was like somebody carving on you.” He said.

Alex says he now has two holes in his arm that were caused by the artist pushing the needle too far under his skin. He's now on antibiotics trying to fight an infection.
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The couple want their $400 back and to be reimbursed for their doctor visits.

“Thank God he didn't do it [to me] because from what I've seen he did on his arm on the inside I wouldn't have wanted it,” Amie said.

The State Health Department said there is not a lot they can do, even though they are investigating.

"[Southside tattoo] actually did have a license," K.C. Ely said. "They actually voluntarily relinquished that license on Monday [August 19]."

Since the shop is no longer in business, the Johnsons will have to fight it out in a civil suit.

"If I would have known who this person really was deep inside I would have never even went to this business," Alex said.

The Johnsons said they have hired an attorney for help and Alex will have to take a test to check for infections in his bloodstream.

If you ever have doubts about a tattoo parlor or artists, the Health Department says you can request to see both the business and artist license and they are required to show it to you.
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