Mike Morgan and other weather experts meet with Gov. Fallin

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Given what we faced back in May you can understand why there is a serious effort underway to be prepared for the next eventual storm and to that end recently Governor Mary Fallin contacted every television station in the state and invited their chief meteorologists to the State Capitol.

Our own NewsChannel 4 Chief Meteorologist, Mike Morgan, and other meteorologist and weather experts throughout the state met today with Governor Mary Fallin. The main topic of discussion was school storm safety. Mike Morgan sat down with the governor to talk about ways to make Oklahoman’s safer when Mother Nature turns against us.

“News media certainly plays a very important role in helping us inform the public and also plays an important role in helping me and our office of emergency management and first responders get the information out to the public,” Gov. Fallin says.

FEMA announced that they will be visiting each school in Oklahoma to best design strategies for safety; the best place in the school for severe weather and possible improvements to each school to provide safe spots in case of severe weather.

The Governor tweeted this earlier this afternoon.