Money rains from sky in dying man’s final wish

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LEWES, Del. – A dying man’s final wish brings joy to Delaware residents, money quite literally fell from the sky.

Leonard Maull, a bait shop owner for years, had it in his will.

The document stated one year after he died, one sunny summer day, he wanted a helicopter to drop $10,000 in small bills from the sky.

His accountant carried out his wish, calling police at the last minute to alert them crowd control might be needed.

No one seemed to get cell phone video of this, they were all too busy trying to grab the money.

One waiter scored $450 but not all were so lucky.

One of Maull’s friends said he is surprised by the man’s decision.

He said, “I guess it proves that money doesn’t grow on trees but sometimes it does fall right out of the sky.”