More families without homes after company bankruptcy

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A mobile home company files for bankruptcy leaving several families without a house and without the money they paid for it.

NewsChannel 4 told you about Rodney Wilcox and his fiancé last week. They spent thousands of dollars on a mobile home they don't have.

According to court documents, Wheeler Rental and Mobile Home Sales filed bankruptcy days before the couple closed.

"It makes me feel like I've been robbed," said Wilcox.

Since the story aired, we received several calls from other customers who say they too paid money but have no home to show for it.

Sixteen complaints were filed from all over the state (Newalla, Oakwood, Carter, Sapulpa, Edmond, OKC, Hinton, Ardmore, Canute, Clinton, Lone Grove, Sayer).

"Some of them were in fairly dire straits to begin with," said John Maile who is the director of Used Motor Vehicle and Parts Commission. The agency regulates the mobile home industry.

"They have taken deposits on homes and then they never closed; so whatever deposit they {customers} made doesn't show or they don't have a home for it," said Maile.

After losing their home in the tornado, one family wrote a check for $22,000. Another one wrote one for $15,000. But since Wheeler filed Chapter 11 those families believe they're at a total loss.

The owner of Bloom Electric In Oklahoma City said he paid for two units but when they arrived he had to spend $10,000 to finish work that wasn't completed.

"In some cases this is all the money these people had for a home. Not being able to have one delivered means essentially they're without a home or homeless."

While the company hasn't paid the 16 customers their $80,000, it was able to pay a bankruptcy attorney $20,000

The company hasn't responded to NewsChannel 4 so we called their attorneys. We're waiting to hear back.

The company has a $30,000 bond but that's not enough to pay all the creditors. There is a bankruptcy hearing scheduled for Monday. After that meeting the commission will determine it will revoke the company's license.

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