Putnam City teen hit while stepping off school bus

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A Putnam City West teenager was hit by a truck that decided to ignore his school bus’s stop sign and was thrown several feet from the point of impact. 16-year-old Michael Montano does not remember much about what happened but he walked away with only a few scrapes and bruises.

It was a situation that he and his mother say could have been much worse.

Montano says, "I just can't believe that happened."

Only 24 hours later, he and his friends haven't lost their sense of humor.

"They were just like saying well it's a good thing you're okay,” says Montano. “They were saying well you can take a hit!”

His mother, Patricia Mikkelson, is a different story.

"His uncle called last night to check on him and he said, Michael's got wings,” Mikkelson recalls what her brother said. “He can fly. He's doing so well, and I'm just like yeah whatever."

Montano exclaims, "Yeah I have wings. I flew!"

Michael's spirits are high but his mother is still worried sick.

"The main thing is to rest and get back to his normal self,” says Mikkelson. “Which I think he's there already!"

When doctors told her what happened, just how far the truck threw him, she was just amazed by him.

"I just look at him every day or every minute and just thank God that he's alive,” says Mikkelson. “He's my only child. He's my angel."

She has a few choice words for the man who decided not to stop behind Michael's school bus.

"I do want him to pay. I'd like for him to understand what he's done,” says Mikkelson. "He almost took my son.”

She also has a heart-felt message for everyone else on the road.

"People need to be aware and when they see a bus stop,” says Mikkelson. “They need to stop until that bus starts moving.

She insists this does not have to happen again because someone else may not be as lucky as they are.

"He was a premature baby and he was a miracle baby and he's still my miracle,” says Mikkelson. “He always will be."

Michael and his mother want to thank everyone who has been ringing their phone off the hook and wanting to help in any way they can.

They also praise the courage his friends had to chase down the driver to get him to stop when he was making moves to drive away.

NewsChannel 4 sat down with Michael Montano and his mother Patricia Mikkelson. They gave us a detailed interview about the ordeal of being hit by a car and surviving. Here is the web-exclusive interview: