Winner of Salazar Roofing’s ‘Rebuilding our Community’ thoroughly surprised

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- This evening we are continuing our special project with Salazar Roofing and Construction called “Rebuilding Our Community.”

Applications are sent in and Salazar picks the neediest of these applicants for a free $10,000 renovation.

Tonight, we go to southwest Oklahoma City to surprise our winner. The home on South Brookline needs help. The roof was blasted by wind and hail; windows need replacing; the plumbing underneath needs help and a back shed is sagging under wear and tear. That’s why Salazar is coming to the rescue for Sandra Newton.

NewsChannel 4 and Salazar Roofing and Construction surprised them with something they really need; by the looks of the house.

“Sandra, I’m Kevin Ogle from NewsChannel 4 and this is Mike Salazar. How do you do," Kevin says.

"We're going to redo the whole roof; of course; painting and take care of some of the interior work you've been having problems in the inside. We're going to take care of that entirely for you," Kevin tells the surprised Sandra Newton.

"I've never had anyone do anything for me for me before. It's always just been me doing it,” Newton says.

“Well, you've got a lot of help now. Salazar Roofing is here as is NewsChannel 4. We're going to take care of you," Kevin tells her.

Sandra is a grandmother who is also a cafeteria worker at an Oklahoma City school. She takes care of her grandkids after work every day. She has plenty of love but a limited income; a perfect match for Salazar’s $10,000 gift.

"Why are you guys so passionate about this projects that you do? Kevin asks Mike Salazar.

“Oh man. Just want to give back to the community. We like to. We love to help people," Mike Salazar explains.

It's very easy to nominate someone for our "Rebuilding our Community" program. All you have to do is head to and fill out the submission form at the bottom of the page.