Customers want charges filed against company after bankruptcy filing

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- More than a dozen Oklahomans are fighting to get their money back after a company files for bankruptcy. They showed up for the bankruptcy hearing today.

"We paid them a $15,000 down payment on a house only to find out they took our money then shut their doors," said Jerry White.

Jerry and Lisa White say they signed a check to Wheeler Rental & Mobile Home Sales to purchase a bigger home to make room for the three grandchildren they just adopted.

"We want to make a good environment for these children only to have the rug pulled from under us by people like this," said White.

The company filed Chapter 11. But this former lawmen says they shouldn't get off that easy. White said, "I believe they had the intent to steal it. If they don't want to refund our money, we need to do everything we can to see about getting criminal charges filed. I think they have the money to pay us."

While the Whites live in cramped quarters.... Terri Jackson has nowhere to live at all and she's out more than 20-grand

"It's $20,000 plus they had me pay for some upgrades on it with cash so they've gotten like $23,000 of my money."

Jackson said her home is actually still sitting on Wheelers' lot---but with the company in limbo---it can't delivered.

"I'm out the money right now and no home being built," said Jean Calhoun. A tornado caused a tree to topple over his house collapsing the roof and destroying the kitchen wall..

His down payment was more than $22,000. That was to purchase a new mobile home that has wheelchair accessories.

Court records show at least one family paid for their home days after the company filed Chapter 11, yet the company still took the family's money.

But on the day when these customers hoped to have their voices heard at the bankruptcy hearing. The owner of the company didn't show up. Her attorney said she was incapacitated.

"I'm not really surprised, but I'm really peeved that a bunch of us showed up for this to have our say and she just doesn't appear," said Calhoun.

"It used to be when you didn't show up for court they'd issue an arrest warrant for you," said White. "I don't think she (the owner) wants to come up here and face the people that' she's taken money from is what I think. She's hiding behind her attorney to come up here and do her dirty work for her."

The company's attorney said he would speak with News Channel Four but left while we were waiting. So we went to his downtown office. When we got there we were met by security who told us--he did not want to talk. Since the owner couldn't make it to the hearing it was rescheduled for September 16th.

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