Thieves target police car, several others

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EDMOND, Okla. - Car burglars are on the loose, and they're armed after stealing guns and ammunition from cars just in the early morning hours Monday. It happened in the Fairfax Golf Course community.

Broken glass the only evidence left now. It's what you can't see, what thieves took with them, that has neighbors like Enid Lollar nervous.

"They might come back and try to rob homes," said Lollar.

The criminals took weapons from her neighrbors' cars and body armor from an unmarked Edmond Police unit.

Lollar's car wasn't hit. Her neighbors wouldn't talk on camera fearing the criminals might come back for more.

The burglars hit up four cars. Police say they took a pistol from one, money and valuables from the other two. They took a gas mask and bullet proof vest from the police car. However, the thieves couldn't bust through the security lock that held the officer's rifle.

"Our safety measures, they worked," said Jenny Monroe with the Edmond Police Department."They weren't able to get the guns out of the rack so that's good for us."

Good for police, but not so reassuring to the gated community members who woke up to shattered glass.

"We've never had anything in this neighborhood," said Lollar.

She wonders if the suspects took advantange of their broken entrance gate.

"For the last three weeks, I think we haven't had a gate closed at night."

Police urge people to take valuables out of your car at night. If you know anything about these burglaries, call Edmond police.

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