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Guthrie prepares for over 40,000 people for ‘Gentlemen of the Road’ Tour

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GUTHRIE, Okla.-Preparations are coming to an end and the welcome banners are already waving in the wind.

Businesses in Guthrie have been preparing since February for the “Gentlemen of the Road Tour” and the over 40,000 people that come along with it.

Corey Stephens, the owner of Boom-a-rang Diner, said, “We anticipate a line actually out the door!”

Stacy Staton, the owner of Rick’s Chocolate and Coffee, said, “We are all stocking up and staffing up. I mean, we are going to blow the socks off these people when they come to see us.”

It’s going to be a long weekend but Staton says everyone is ready.

“It’s not just going to be Friday and Saturday for Guthrie, Oklahoma,” says Staton. “It’s going to be Monday through Sunday for Guthrie, Oklahoma. It’s going to be amazing!”

You can find the band’s trademark, the Mumford mustache, on almost every store front in town.

Serneiah Breland, the Guthrie city manager, says everyone is getting in the spirit.

Breland said, “Basically the city has said we embrace this."

She thinks they’ve got the logistics ironed out but Mike Simpson, the Guthrie superintendent, is worried about traffic.

He’s letting classes out an hour early so kids can get home at a decent time.

Simpson says, “My goal is to get the kids home safely and get them home before dark.”

He still thinks this is an incredible opportunity for Guthrie.

Chosen over a big city, this small town does not think it’s too much for them to handle.

“We’re anticipating 40,000 people, if not more, that are going to penetrate a town that was really built for 10,000 people.”

There will be plenty to do even if you don’t have tickets to the big two-day event.

It’s only $5 to get downtown with all the food, activities and late-night shows.

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Tickets are still available for the “Gentlemen of the Road Tour," which will be heading into Guthrie on September 6 and September 7.

You can purchase those tickets here.

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