Tips for keeping kids healthy while they are in school

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As children go back to school, they are more likely to become sick from germs they pick up in the classroom.

Start the school year off right and make sure your little one learns good habits to prevent getting sick.

When children are younger, they touch their faces, mouths and noses before touching other kids.

That contact can spread colds, pink eye and strep throat.

Experts say you should teach your children to avoid the water fountain.

Instead, have them bring their own water bottles to school and ask them not to share with anyone.

Also, use hand sanitizer before they eat their lunch.

Cafeteria trays are covered in germs so children should always use hand sanitizer before eating and then wash their hands after lunch.

Make sure your child gets enough rest to keep their immune system healthy.

Sleep experts say 10 to 11 hours of sleep a night is the best for little ones.

Also, keep your kids active and well fed.

A nutritious breakfast, including Vitamin C, can build energy and resistance to germs.

As we head into winter, make sure they are bundled up when it is cold outside.

Studies show those who dress appropriately for the weather are less likely to catch colds later in the year.

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