‘Friends Fur Change’ wants to end Chickasha animal shelter euthanization

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CHICKASHA, Okla. -- There are three, sometimes four dogs to a cage at the Chickasha Animal Shelter and only a handful of people to take care of them.

"Friends Fur Change" assembled in June to provide the shelter extra hands and free food, but have felt that their efforts are less than welcomed.

"We are passive people. We don't try to make trouble,” says “Friends Fur Change” director Fran Morris. “We try to work and we try to keep the shelter clean and we try to volunteer and help but we have been met with so much opposition."

The group has big plans for the shelter. They want to see changes made starting with the funds the city has set aside for the stray animals.

Morris says, "I'm kind of ashamed of the Chickasha budget."

With zero dollars in the budget for food, they completely rely on donations. "Friends Fur Change" says if that can't change then they will take care of it.

Morris says, "We are here and we can get the food."

What the budget does have $4,000 set aside for euthanasia, but putting animals down is not an option for this organization.

"While we've been there we've managed to run ahead of the needle," says Morris.

They want to see the shelter go from kill to no kill. With so many dogs coming in and not very many being adopted, Chickasha City Manager, Stewart Fairburn, feels like it is almost impossible.

"We want to go to that next level but it's frustrating,” says Fairburn. “We can't get there as quickly as they'd like."

The shelter says they have more dogs than they can handle and can't think of any other solution.

"We are just completely full and we are trying to find more homes,” says Fairburn. “If we don't find more homes we are going to have to go back and look at euthanization."

"Friends Fur Change" says that is not necessary. They are here to help whether the shelter has 20 dogs or 120 dogs.

“Friends Fur Change” member Renee Watt says, "It's just sad that so many animals are being killed that are healthy animals, that can be adopted out, that can be rescued from this. There is no reason for them to be euthanized."

Looking past all the back and forth between the shelter and "Friends Fur Change”, everyone says their main goal is to get these animals and stray animals all over the state to forever homes.

Every branch of Stillwater National Bank is accepting donations that will go directly to Friends Fur Change. Click here if you are interested in adopting from the Chickasha Animal Shelter and for more information on donating to them as well.

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