Missouri suing Walgreens over ‘deceptive pricing’

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Walgreens Co. is being sued by the Missouri Attorney General’s office.

The lawsuit, filed by Attorney General Chris Koster on Tuesday, claims that Walgreens is using deceptive displaying of their products and pricing schemes to overcharge its customers, ABC News reports.

Investigations started after consumers complained prices weren’t matching up at the register.

The Chicago Tribune reported that investigators visited eight Walgreens across the state of Missouri purchasing random items.

Fourty-three items out of 205 that were purchased had discrepancies going as high as $15.

Investigators also found Walgreens was not honoring its reward cards deals.

Koster spoke with ABC News saying, “My concern is this is not sloppiness, this is a business practice that is consciously intending to steal from sick people that go into Walgreens, from old people that go into Walgreens.”

Koster gave examples of the price discrepancies:
– Oreo cookies marked at $3.29 each or two for $6 were ringing at the register as $4.19 a package
– Lipton Tea was marked on sale but was still being sold at full price
– Muscle Milk was marked at $6.99 for reward card members but rang up as $8.99

California and Wisconsin filed lawsuits against Walgreens earlier this year regarding its pricing but the company settled.

Written by: Heather Dillingham

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