New app for those tired of illegal handicapped parking

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Are you tired of seeing people park illegally in handicapped spots?

Now there’s an app for that.

The “Parking Mobility App” was created to protect disabled people in Wichita and the app’s creator said more than 1,500  people have already used the app.

So far, 800 violators have been reported this year.

Well, if you notice a vehicle parked illegally in a handicapped spot, here’s what you’ll do; you’ll open the app, take a picture of the back of the car, take a picture of parking spot and one of the front. You’ll hit send and that will notify authorities that someone is breaking the handicap parking law,” Felix Rodrigues-Lima said.

Right now, those reports are a warning, they could be tickets but currently they are an education tool.

The app creator said he hopes on day the reports will turn into citations and a portion of the fines collected will be donated to charities for the disabled.

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