Stolen phone leads deputies to burglary suspects

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ARCADIA, Okla. -- In just a few minutes, five vehicles were burglarized this week in a neighborhood near Arcadia. But the crooks had no idea that one of the items they stole would quickly land them behind bars.

The crimes happened early Tuesday morning at the Lake Hiwassee addition. Crooks snuck through neighborhood gates and found unlocked cars that held purses, wallets, medications and gift cards.

But they also stole a cell phone that had a GPS app loaded on it, which allowed deputies to pinpoint their location 18 miles away.

18-year-old Kaylob Klingler and 28-year-old James Jackson were arrested inside a Midwest City apartment at 2517 Glenhaven Drive on five counts of stolen property. Authorities recovered many of the items that had just been stolen hours earlier.

"It's sad, and they're just young kids," victim Barbara Riddle said. "They're looking for easy money. They got wallets and purses on the other side of the lake. They didn't get much from us because we don't leave anything out here."

An Oklahoma County Sheriff's affidavit says two other people in that apartment claimed they didn't steal any property but they were purchasing some of it.

Bail for Klingler and Jackson was set at $10,000.

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