WATCH: Golden Kitty crowned in cat viral video film festival

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ST. PAUL, Minn. - Move over Sundance, the internet cat video festival has just named the top feline web videos and even the Golden Kitty Award didn't put a smile on the winner's face.

Welcome to the Cat Oscars.

Here, 28 seconds of a fat cat stuck in a pot or a kitty licking a vacuum cleaner can qualify as a Blockbuster.

Some 10,000 people showed up at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand to check out the cat video fest organized by prestigious museum, the Walker Art Center.

What is a video festival without stars?

Celebri-cats like "Grumpy Cat" renowned for her perpetual frown and "Lil' Bub" known for his ever-present tongue were there.

Other internet favorites like the cat that loves diving in boxes and dearly departed keyboard cat were inducted into the hall of fame.

"Grumpy Cat" frowned her way to victory winning the Golden Kitty award.

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