Overwhelmed with emails? There’s an app for that

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Do you have tons of unread emails in your inbox?

Between spam, newsletters and social media updates, cleaning out your inbox can seem overwhelming.

Now there’s an app for that.

It’s called “SaneBox” and it basically looks at your email patterns, without ever snooping in your actual messages, and eliminates the ones you never open or always trash.

The user can also automatically drag spam into a “black hole” folder and SaneBox will unsubscribe you.

“We look at which emails you open, which emails you respond to, how quickly you open up and how quickly you respond,” SaneBox’s Dmitri Leonov said. “Based on this, we know what’s important to you personally without ever looking at the content or the text of your emails, which never touches our server, we only look at what is called ‘the header.'”

SaneBox has a free two-week trial period to test it out.

After that, subscriptions start at $2 per month.

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