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UPDATE: Chickasha administrator injured trying to break up bathroom brawl

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CHICKASHA, Okla. -- A couple of Chickasha High School students are in hot water, after an administrator was struck in the face trying to break up their bathroom brawl yesterday. The fight broke out before the school day could even begin.

The vice principal didn't hesitate to step in but ended up catching one of the swings to the face. When Chickasha Police arrived, they said it was a chaotic scene.

Sgt. Scott Weaver says, "There were lots of times that he could have stopped. He was told, ordered by not just the administrator that was injured, but several other administrators were screaming, yelling for them to stop, quit fighting, separate and they just refused to do it."

Chickasha School's Superintendent, Jim Glaze, calls the high school's vice principal a dedicated educator for her trouble, but does not advise his employees to step in to a dangerous situation like that.

"Individually they are going to have to look at that situation,” says Glaze. “They should determine should I step in? Should I just give a verbal command?"

Glaze hated to see someone hurt who was just trying to help, but knows the boys had no intentions of hitting a beloved administrator.

"The boys weren't intentionally trying to hurt her by no means,” says Glaze. “She was just in the wrong spot at the wrong time."

Sergeant Scott Weaver agrees with Superintendent Glaze, but still told the boys that should not be their excuse.

Sgt. Weaver says, "I had to explain to the young man that once you've thrown the punch, it is very difficult to take it back.

What should have been a short suspension, could possibly be an assault and battery charge.

"The young man did tell me that he did know that it was against the rules for fighting and did know that he could receive a suspension as a result of it,” says Glaze. “He was kind of surprised when it went a little further than that."

Superintendent Glaze has been in contact with Vice Principal Snow. She was hit just above the eye and had to receive medical attention, but is expected to make a full recovery and be back at the high school soon.

The 15-year-old who accidentally struck her is now facing assault and battery charges in juvenile court.