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E-cigarette explodes inside woman’s home

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ATLANTA- We’ve been told that smoking is dangerous for our health but one woman in Atlanta says her e-cigarette was just as hazardous because it exploded in her home.

Elizabeth Wilkowski said, “It sounded like a bomb, okay. My walls rattled, okay, everything. It shook the house up. I screamed, you know? It was a real freak out moment.”

Wilkowski says as soon as it exploded, it caught fire.

Once she saw the flames, she tried to unplug the device from the computer where it had been charging.

It ended up scorching her rug, her couch and a cloth she used to try to put out the fire.

The owner of the store where Wilkowski bought the e-cigarette says he no longer carries that brand.

He offered to replace her eHit cigarette with a different type.